Ten activities you can master at any age

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10 activities you can master at any age

It’s important for all the family to be active and, if you want to exercise together, it’s good to find a way that children, parents and grandparents can join in.

1. Swimming

While many sports can damage our bodies – especially our joints – swimming is a great cardio activity and, because our bodies are close to weightless in water, there’s no pressure on knees, hips or other problematic areas.

2. Weight training

Weights may seem like something for macho men, but light lifting exercise can be good for anyone, from teenager to pensioner. Not only does it help muscles stay active, it increases your metabolism and generally makes people stronger.

3. Yoga

Yoga has many benefits – physical, mental and emotional – and can be taken up at any age. By practising yoga you may find that your blood pressure decreases and your posture improves.

4. Cycling

Another great cardio option is cycling. Most of us learn this skill as children, but often forget to practise in adulthood. Jumping on a bike every few days can help improve heart health and muscle activity and, as the saying goes, you never forget how.

5. Walking

There’s not much to master in terms of walking, but taking it up seriously can do our bodies and minds the world of wonders. The people of the Mediterranean are renowned for their healthy lifestyle and walking is a huge component of how they stay so active. If you have a dog, you already have an exercise partner! Not only will you become healthier, you’ll be able to see the best of your local area and further afield once you become more adventurous.

6. Dancing

Dancing is one of the most enjoyable and social physical activities you can get involved in and there are so many options to suit your tastes. Whether you want to do something classic, something with a bit more energy or something related to your heritage, there are classes all over Australia that give you a chance to strut your stuff.

7. Gardening

Not all exercise has to be strenuous and sometimes getting up and about can have huge benefits for your health. Working in your own garden not only gives you fresh fruit and veggies for some delicious recipes, it also involves activities that call on different muscles and small weight exercises, such as digging, mowing the lawn and moving soil.

Activities for any age SI

8. Doubles tennis

Although your speed and agility may diminish as you get older, making it harder to cover the full court, doubles tennis is an ideal sport for people of all ages to play and is bound to build up an appetite.

9. Aqua aerobics

If you’re happy in a pool but not interested in swimming laps, aqua aerobics may be more your thing. This activity combines swimming, ballet, gymnastics and yoga, all with pain-free benefits for your joints.

10. Tai chi

Tai chi is a great martial art for people of all ages. It helps improve upper and body strength, balance and it can be done by the time-poor and those with space restrictions. Best of all, the injury risk is extremely low.

No matter what age you are, it’s important to keep your body active. As well as making you healthier, there are many great social benefits to spending quality time with others too.

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