How to stay active during winter

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How to stay active during winter

Winter is just around the corner and we all know what typically comes along with chillier days and darker nights – the strong temptation to dive under the doona, eat loads of comfort food and watch movie after movie in favour of enjoying the great outdoors like we do in summer.

But in order to lead a full and healthy life, the best thing you can do is remain active all year round. Kids run high on energy no matter what the season – so why not shuffle them out of the house and beat the winter blues together as a family? Here’s how.

1. Swimming

Yes, swimming! Pile into the car and head to your nearest indoor swimming pool or aquatic centre where you can enjoy the health benefits of swimming all year round. There’s also something really cosy about splashing about in the warmth of a steamy, indoor swimming pool when the weather is chilly and grey outside. Try it once and the family will be hooked.

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2. Bowling

Another great family activity to keep your muscles moving all year round is indoor tenpin bowling. A dose of healthy competition to knock out a strike or surprise your opponents with a spare provides a fun way to bond as a family while keeping your minds and bodies alert and active.

3. Wintry walks

If holding down a solid exercise routine is too much to ask in winter, do as the Mediterraneans do and simply incorporate physical activity into your daily schedule – such as walking to the shops or to school instead of driving. Considering the Australian Department of Health advises three hours of daily physical activity for infants, 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous daily activity for children and teens, and at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity daily activity for adults, something as simple as a daily walk can do wonders for your family’s health and wellbeing. A brisk walk on a crisp, wintry day will get your blood pumping and cheeks glowing in no time at all.

4. Dancing

Long winter nights can make it difficult to stay motivated to get out and about when trying to stay active. Instead, turn up the heat inside with a family disco night to help everybody meet their daily exercise recommendations. Each family member can choose a song to play for the party (picking the songs out of a hat keeps the playlist order fair and square). Up the fun factor by turning off the lights for a dance party in the dark with glow sticks and torches.

5. Winter comfort food with a healthy twist

Burn calories by getting the whole family in the kitchen for a fun and active cook up, rather than sitting on the couch with takeout. Some winter recipe favourites include scrumptious free-form lasagne, hearty minestrone soup with Polish sausage and chorizo and saffron paella which will have the whole family pleading for more.

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So this winter, just remember that every little bit of physical movement counts towards a happier, healthier and fitter way of life and it’s important for the entire family to stay active all year round. Why not pick one of the activities from this list and get started today?


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