Bec Hewitt: Six breakfast ideas for families on the go

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Bec Hewitt: Six breakfast ideas for families on the go

I always tell my kids breakfast is ‘brain and body fuel’. Not only does it re-supply our bodies with nutrients after fasting while we sleep, it also provides us with the energy we need to get through the morning without running out of steam before lunchtime.

But it can often be a challenge to eat a decent breakfast when you also have to beat the morning rush. My top tip is to prep ahead so breakfast is ready to go in the morning.

Here are six time-saving breakfast ideas to get your family off to a flying start that are also inspired by the Mediterranean diet, which focuses on whole foods such as eggs and grains, fresh fruit and vegetables, quality meat and delicious olive oil.

1. Bacon and egg breakfast cups

These breakfast cups are the perfect grab and go breakfast that the whole family will love. They’re so easy you can make them the night before – simply warm them through again in the morning, or they’re just as tasty served cold. Not only are they delicious, they are also loaded with the essential vitamins, minerals and iron found in eggs as well as the protein in bacon to keep tummies satisfied until lunchtime.

bacon cups SI 2

2. Frittata with ham and spinach

Frittatas are a great way to pack the goodness of egg and meat protein and some vegetables in the one easy-to-eat dish that can be enjoyed any time of day – including breakfast! Make in advance and serve up in the morning with a slice of toast for a scrumptious way to start the day. If you’re in a major rush, this frittata  is even delicious sliced and served straight from the fridge.

frittata SI 3

3. Easy overnight oats

In an airtight container, soak rolled oats (½ a cup per serving) in milk (to cover) mixed with sliced almonds, a drizzle of honey and chopped fresh fruit of your choice (bananas, strawberries, blueberries and grated apple are all yummy additions). Top with a dollop of natural yoghurt and place in the fridge overnight. Come morning, divide into bowls and enjoy.

Tip: Why not prepare the servings in individual mason jars for a grab and go breakfast?

4. Supercharged avocado toast

This simple and nutritious breakfast can be made in minutes in the morning and ticks off at least three aspects of the Mediterranean diet, including fresh plant-based foods, whole grains and olive oil. Start with wholegrain toast topped with fresh, smashed avocado and a slice of Hans Oliving Sliced Traditional Ham enriched with the goodness of extra virgin olive oil. You can even boil some eggs the night before, slice and add to the toast for an extra protein hit.

5. Breakfast smoothie

Whip up a healthy liquid breakfast in a flash for the whole family by blending ½ a cup of rolled oats, two large ripe bananas, ½ a cup of frozen blueberries, a tablespoon of almond meal, a cup of milk, a cup of natural Greek yoghurt and two teaspoons of honey. Divide into glasses. Make the night before for super time-saving.

6. Breakfast leftovers

couscous SI 1

Give your family the best start to the day using these simple recipes and some simple food preparation.


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