Five fun family ritual ideas

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Five fun family ritual ideas: Kick start your own family traditions today to feel closer and more connected tomorrow

Time spent with family is something to be cherished – whether it’s coming together once a week to communally prepare family dinners or setting aside Saturday evenings for a movie marathon, there are loads of fun and creative ways you can initiate your own family traditions.

Need some inspiration? Here are five family ritual ideas to get you started.

1. Picnic day

Why not make Sundays a day for a family picnic? To strengthen the spirit of sharing and teamwork, older family members can prepare their own dish or snack to bring, or little ones can get involved with food preparation. Keep family picnic day fun and engaging by changing the location from week to week. Rainy weather? No problem – simply roll out the picnic rug on the living room floor and add in card and board games. A rainy day picnic indoors can be just as entertaining as outdoors, not to mention warm and cosy.

2. Weekend pyjama party

Take just one hour out of a weekend morning to have a family pyjama party. Once everyone is awake, prepare tea, coffee, hot chocolate, toast or biscuits, snuggle up on the bed and spend one hour chatting before the day begins. This is also a great time to bring out the family photo albums. Looking through family photos is a wonderful way to bond and create a sense of closeness, connectedness and belonging. Revisiting funny or embarrassing family moments is sure to unleash belly-clutching laughs all round.

3. One-on-one time

Focusing on individual relationships is a lovely way to foster bonding, friendship and understanding between two family members. Dedicate one day a month to spend one-on-one time with a family member and let him or her pick an activity that expresses their individual interests. James might love outdoor activities like swimming and bike riding, while Ava enjoys going to the movies or having an arts and crafts afternoon. Showing your family that you want to nurture their individual talents will enhance the harmony of your one-on-one relationships, as well as the family unit as a whole.

4. Family strolls

Even with our busy lifestyles and ‘no free time’, it’s still possible to create meaningful family rituals. Take one hour each week to go for a family walk in the park or around your neighbourhood. Being active as a family not only promotes healthy lifestyle habits, but exercising also releases feel-good endorphins, further enhancing feelings of happiness, wellbeing and connection among the family.

5. Homemade pizza night

Hosting a weekly homemade pizza night is a healthier alternative to ordering takeaway pizza, and also encourages the family to get in the kitchen together and have a little fun. Have each family member create their own gourmet pizza topping combination and then enjoy sharing everyone’s creations around the dinner table.

Now that you have some ideas to inspire you, it’s time to round up the family and get your own family rituals up and running. Planning might take a little diplomatic teamwork, but the lifetime memories you create will be priceless. Enjoy!


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