Five ways to celebrate Mother’s Day in Australia

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It’s your special day! Here are some ideas to celebrate your way.

Mother’s Day – it’s your turn to enjoy a day of treats and spending time with the important people in your life. If you have been given carte blanche to choose how you’d like to spend the day, here are five fun ideas.

1. Breakfast in bed

Why not take it easy on Mother’s Day, starting from the moment you wake up. Enjoy a relaxing sleep in and if your family are around, they can make your morning extra special by bringing you your breakfast on a tray, complete with coffee, fresh orange juice and a delicious brekkie of pancakes, bacon and egg breakfast cups or frittata with ham, spinach and feta.

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2. Family picnic

While the weather in Australia is cooling off in May, there’s still time to enjoy being outside before winter sets in. If you have school-aged children, why not go for a family bike ride? Pack a picnic to enjoy when you get to your destination. Your basket can include easy and healthy puff pastry tartssalami sandwiches on Turkish bread with sun-dried tomatoes or twisted ham pull apart pizza. Throw in some yummy olives, seasonal fruit and sticky baklava as a Mother’s Day treat.

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3. A fun run

In Australia, the Mother’s Day Classic is held in almost every city to raise awareness and funds for the prevention and cure of breast cancer. Get sponsored to run in this important event or form a team! Encourage your family, friends and colleagues to run (or walk if you’re not a jogger) the five-kilometre distance with you.

If you’re not up for that much action, you can still get involved. Offer your services as a volunteer and do something special for the one in eight women affected by breast cancer.

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4. Barbecue gathering

Instead of booking a restaurant that’s busy and loud, why not host a get-together at your place? Invite the other mums who are special in your life, as well as their families. Don’t forget to include women who might not have children but are still special in your world or those who have lost their mum – Mother’s Day can be a lonely time for some.

Put out some platters with Mediterranean antipasto, including lots of cured meats, marinated vegetables, hummus, taramasalata and pita bread for dunking. Get your family to help you out by preparing zesty saladsHans Oliving Kransky sausage on the barbecue and homemade iced tea.

5. An afternoon of pampering

When was the last time you were able to treat yourself? Request some time off to go shopping from your usual schedule or ask for a day-spa voucher so you can truly relax, with a massage and facial. Don’t have the funds? Your family can set up the bathroom with some scented candles and bubble bath, with the promise not to disturb you while you’re in there. You might even be able to convince someone to give you a relaxing foot rub!

Wishing you a wonderful and happy Mother’s Day!


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