How to beat the rainy day blues

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Five fun indoor activities for the family to enjoy by Bec Hewitt

As Australians, we’re so fortunate to enjoy beautiful weather most of the year. Our warm, sunny days tie in perfectly with our love for an active outdoor lifestyle. So when the rain does come, we can often be at a loss as to what to do – especially if there are little ones to entertain.

Personally I love a good rainy day every now and then, as it’s a great opportunity to spend quality time with the family. Here are my top five tips for making the most out of a rainy day indoors.

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1. Big family bake-off

Cooking with kids on a rainy day is a great way to keep them engaged and entertained while also teaching them a new skill or two. Cooking together as a family also requires teamwork, so it’s a perfect way to bond when it’s cold and wet outside. Why not bake a batch of cupcakes and host a cupcake decorating competition? Or for something savoury, homemade pizzas are always a winner.

2. Treasure hunt

Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt? My kids certainly do! It keeps them active too, so it’s a great way to expend a bit of energy on a rainy day. Hide healthy treats around the house or use a set of toys (such as Matchbox cars or crayons). Whoever finds the most treasure wins a prize. Hand out baskets or containers for treasure-collecting and get their brains working overtime by leaving handwritten clues for them to solve to locate the treasure – they’ll have a blast!

3. Family concert, play or movie

In our house, we love singing, dancing and performing, so putting on a rainy day concert or play production indoors is one of our favourite things to do as a family. When performing a play, get the kids to create their own characters, write their own scripts and make their own costumes – the dressing up part is so much fun (and often hilarious to see what they come up with). Record the play to make it like a movie and watch it together at the next family movie night.

4. Fortress fun

Gather together bed sheets, blankets, cushions, furniture and plenty of clothes pegs and let your kids’ imaginations run wild as they construct their own fort or castle. When completed, you can get everyone to dress up and host a Mad Hatter’s tea party inside. Another fun option is to bring the outdoors indoors by pitching a tent in the living room. Make it super cosy by filling it with cushions and blankets and you have a magical reading room where you can read storybooks together as a family.

5. DIY afternoon

Get their creative juices flowing by hosting a DIY ‘crafternoon’. Fun and easy projects include making your own non-toxic playdough, painting patterns and designs on stones, weaving friendship bracelets and even putting together a family time capsule which you can bury in the backyard when the sun comes out.

I hope these tips give you some good ideas about what to do the next time a rainy day rolls around. With a bit of creativity and imagination, you can easily turn a boring rainy day into a great day in for the whole family. Have fun!


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