Celebrate Mediterranean month with a May feast

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May is International Mediterranean Diet Month – giving us all the perfect excuse to get together with family and friends again.

Celebrating the Mediterranean lifestyle

What’s so great about the countries of the Mediterranean? Other than being one of the world’s foodie hotspots, this part of the planet is one of the healthiest. People in the ‘blue zone’ region which includes Italy, Greece, Spain, Malta and Turkey (among others) use quality fresh ingredients and have an active lifestyle which means that, on average, they live well into old age. The Mediterranean diet is packed with wholesome produce, uses healthy olive oil and involves taking the time to prepare meals from scratch.

May feast SI 3

Australia is lucky enough to have an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables available all year round, that are the highlights of the Mediterranean diet. So why not discover and enjoy some delicious and healthy Mediterranean dishes for yourself this month?

Creating the perfect Mediterranean feast

First things first – to have a Mediterranean feast, you need people – and lots of them! The tradition in Mediterranean countries is to get together regularly with family, friends and anyone else who happens to be around, so put together a guest list that includes all the people you love. Set up a long banquet table, go for a buffet or have several areas around your home and garden where people can sit down and enjoy their food.

May feast SI

Then choose your theme – you might decide to honour Greece with lots of crunchy Greek salad, homemade tzatziki with grated cucumber, wholesome pita bread, olives and lamb roast Greek style. Or you could choose a mixed bag, nominating each guest to bring a dish from a different country. We’re thinking nutritious tabouli from Turkey, marinated mushrooms with a Spanish flavour, ham, tomato and mozzarella lasagne from Italy and slow-cooked vegetable soup with Maltese flavours.

We also love Spanish paella, pizzas with cured meat and pappardelle . These dishes are easy to put together and can feed the masses in one hit.

May feast SI 2

And don’t forget dessert. The Mediterranean lifestyle focuses on enjoying good things in moderation, so serve up some poached fruit or cannoli pastry with sweet ricotta. Yum!

Looking for more ideas? Check out our Easter dishes inspired by the Mediterranean.

Make sure your guests have ample time to enjoy the good food and time with their fellow partygoers and make a toast to the Mediterranean ethos of living and loving life!


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